Civil Litigation

Civil cases are cases that are civil in nature, not criminal.   These cases deal with relationships that occur between people, businesses, groups and family.

Civil cases are governed by different Rhode Island General Laws.  These laws are drafted by legislatures and are in place to govern relationships between people.

Our Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer has is an expert in civil matters

When a case between people is filed in a civil court- state or federal then a lawsuit has commenced.   A civil case gets started for a variety of reasons.

Examples of civil litigation that are in Rhode Island Courts everyday are:

Landlord/ tenant matters Collections cases Personal Injury Contract disputes Employment cases Defamation/ Slander cases Medical malpractice Dental malpractice Corporate disputes Family court And many others.


If you have been wronged and feel like you may want to proceed in a civil suit contact the Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy.  Attorney Murphy will set down and speak to you about your case and your options.

If you have been sued then the Law Offices of Stefanie A Murphy can help defend you during the civil case and will strive for the best result.

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