Domestic Charges

There are many different situations one can finds oneself, or a loved one, if you are looking for an attorney for a domestic matter.

There are criminal matters – If you have been accused or arrested for a domestic assault or battery your life has all of a sudden turned upside down.   It may have started as a disagreement between loved ones and then all of a sudden the cops were called and somebody was arrested.  Now this person is facing criminal charges and a no contact order.

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The Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy, can help you or a loved one fight the charges.   Take advantage of the free consultation and call today to learn about your rights and about the legal system.   In order to make an informed decision about what to do.  Stefanie Murphy has successful handled domestic assault and battery charges and has been successful in getting the charges dismissed at the pre-trial stage.   She is also willing to go to trial and fight for her clients.

There are also civil matters- Domestic law can also apply to protection from abuse petitions, temporary restraining orders and no contact orders.

Victims of domestic assault/battery, harassment and anyone who is in fear of another (with a domestic relationship) can apply for a temporary restraining order from the District Court.   The victim will file a complaint/affidavit with the Court.  A judge will review the affadavit and decide whether a temporary order is neeeded.  If so, the temporary order will remain in affect for ten (10) days.  A hearing date will be scheduled.  In the meantime, the defendant will be served and will be given a copy of the order and notice of the Court date.

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Going through this process is very difficult and very emotional.  At the hearing, you will need to testify and offer evidence to the Court in regards to why a protective order is necessary.   The Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy has helped many people through this process and has represented numerous individuals successful through the hearing.  By hiring an attorney, the attorney will conduct the hearing, will ask you and the defendant questions through direct and cross examination.

If you are a defendant who has been served with a temporary order and have been assigned a hearing date.  You must file an objection and appear in court if you want to fight the protective order.  Failure to appear will result in a order being put in place for up to three years.

As a defendant, you also must be concerned with no violating the order.  If so, this can result in a criminal charge.

The Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy has represented defendants and have faught to get the temporary order/protection from abuse dismissed, either before or after hearing.   Attorney Stefanie Murphy will also ask the court to seal the file.

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