DUI Myths

In 1919, religious zealots managed to push the Volstead Act through Congress, which sought to eliminate entirely the curse of “demon rum” from the American cultural scene. This ill-conceived act resulted in a failed experiment known as “prohibition” that accomplished nothing more than to spawn a whole new criminal empire based on bootlegging. Repealed in 1933, the anti-alcohol movement finally found its resurrection after 50 years of dormant bliss with the discovery of the “driving while intoxicated” epithet. We have now been forced to endure, for the last 30 years, a legal system in which the mere presence of alcohol is considered cause for the most draconian, excessive punishment exacted against drivers who, in their pursuit of the right to life, liberty and happiness, have caused absolutely no harm to either society or themselves. Clearly, the scale of justice has been weighted far too heavily on the side of government intrusion on the rights of innocent individuals. At the Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy, LLC we are dedicated to upholding the rights of individuals who have fallen victim to the DUI trap.

Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister once said, “Tell a big enough lie long enough and loud enough and people will start to believe it”. And so it is with the alleged danger attributed to so-called “drunk drivers”. We have now reached the point where the government, always interested in curtailing human rights as it is, and certain self-aggrandizing NGOs like MADD have exaggerated the true nature of this “problem”. The agenda served by their irrational tirades is one of subverting individual rights, undermining due process, providing unjust revenue for government entities, and putting the general population under totalitarian control. The vast majority of their victims are those who have committed no real crime other that of actually enjoying their lives.

Consider the following myths and their attendant truths:Myth: One drink will impair your ability to drive.Truth: Drivers with low blood alcohol content are no more likely to have an accident than totally abstinent drivers.Myth: Blood alcohol content is a reliable measure of impairment behind the wheel.Truth: At any given BAC, frequent drinkers are less impaired than teetotalers. Myth: Breathalyzers are a consistent and reliable measure of impairment.Truth: BAC levels and impairment are highly variable from individual to individual.Myth: Lowering BAC limit to .08will get “drunks” off the road.Truth: Typical DUI arrests are of individuals with a BAC over .15.

So who profits from all this institutionalized perfidy? Governments profit enormously from fines, court fees and peripheral support industries to finance their pensions. Property forfeitures and insurance surcharges are a pot of gold for them as now, these income sources exceed the total amount stolen from the public by “illegitimate’ thieves. NGOs like MADD receive millions of dollars in public support and have no real interest in finding real solutions to the problem. While we recognize that drunk drivers are a real menace, these draconian laws are not intended to target the problem but rather to harvest booty from harmless social drinkers. At the Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy we are committed to fighting this insidious brand of institutionalized tyranny. If you have been arrested for DUI in Rhode Island, do NOT despair and, above all, do NOT elect to throw yourself upon the nonexistent mercy of the court. You need the best attorney in your corner with the inside knowledge and experience required to insure the most favorable result. Call The Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy, LLC today at (401) 316-9423 or via email or contact us online to set up your free initial consultation.