Personal Injury

Accidents happen everyday and many times the person who causes the accident is legally responsible.   What this means is that the person who is legally responsible might be responsible for paying medical bills, damages, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, etc.

Personal injury / Civil  cases cover a broad range of cases.  These are all civil cases (although there could by an accompanying criminal case if the person responsible also committed a crime).   Examples of personal injury cases are as follows:

The laws and rules that govern personal injury law are put in place to compensate a person or persons for negligent actions of others, intentional acts committed by a person/company and strict liability cases.

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Damages are calculated on a case by case basis but normally incorporate medical bills (past and present), lost earnings, future lost earnings, loss of enjoyment of life and property replacement costs.

Personal injury cases are governed by different statutes of limitations.   Suit must be filed before the statute of limitations has run.

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