Self Defense into Assault

Don’t Let Self-Defense Turn into an Assault Charge

It is likely that you would do anything for a family member or friend if they were being attacked in your presence. Safe to say, you’d probably do your utmost to defend yourself if you were in a similar predicament. What you might view as self-defense could be seen differently from the eyes of the law and/or lawyers or jury members having to determine your fate.

In the event you are involved in a physical altercation in or outside of your residence, especially one that turns extremely violent, do you know your legal rights? If not, a Rhode Island criminal defense attorney could be the difference between going to jail and going a free man or woman.

Stop for a moment to think about how you can avoid a serious assault charge or charges, ones that could lead to lengthy jail time:

Before you meet with your criminal defense attorney in Rhode Island, be sure he or she is truly willing to go to bat for you, looking to remove any and all charges or find you the best plea deal possible. When an assault goes down, thoughts and emotions are oftentimes secondary to what is taking place. Once things have calmed down and then processed, make sure you contact the best criminal defense legal help.

Remember, your freedom for years to come could hang in the balance.