Providence Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

There are many different crimes in Rhode Island which fall under the category of sex crimes.  Some examples include sexual assault, child pornography, statutory rape, indecent exposure, sexual harassment, prostitution, failure to register as a sex offender, and many others.

What most of these crimes have in common is their classification as serious felony charges that can have life-long impacts on the accused. Since they are felony charges, and a person charged with a sex crime faces a jail sentence of at least a year, it is crucial to retain an experienced Providence sex crimes attorney who will fight for you and your rights.

Most sex crime charges require sexual registration if you were to plea or found guilty of a sexual crime; registration is often mandatory. Having to register as a sex offender is yet another reason why it is crucial to fight sex crime charges as these can affect your career, family, and social life.

Types of Sex Crimes in Rhode Island

Sexual assaults are defined under Rhode Island General Law 11-37-1 through 11-37-8.9. Rhode Island law lays out the definition of sexual assault and the penalties.  Each crime has unique elements that the State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

How a Providence Sex Crime Defense Attorney Can Help

When looking at a case, Providence sex crime defense lawyer Stefanie Murphy looks at the facts, the person charged, the law, case law established in Rhode Island and investigation into the truth in order to prepare the case. Sometimes individuals are falsely charged with the facts and allegations exaggerated or just made up. Each and every case has a different and unique set of facts and circumstances. The Law Offices of Stefanie Murphy will thoroughly investigate all the evidence, facts and statements and fight to get these charges dismissed.